Candidate Training

The training of patent attorney candidates is a core interest of Maikowski & Ninnemann. According to the firm's policy, new partners are recruited only from patent attorney candidates trained at Maikowski & Ninnemann. Successful candidates therefore have splendid prospects in our firm.

During their training the patent attorney candidates have the possiblity to work, closely together with a patent attorney, on various cases. Part of this is 

  • working on patent, utility model and trademark matters such as the composition of patent and utility model applications and the response to office actions in patent and trademark application procedures,
  • accompanying procedures before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the German Federal Patent Court and the European Patent Office - including for example the preparation of legal statements in opposition and invalidation procedures as well as the personal appearance before the German Patent Office and the Federal Patent Court,
  • the participation in civil proceedings in disputes relating to industrial property rights and
  • the personal contact to the clients.

Besides the practical work Maikowski & Ninnemann offers to its patent attorney candidates regular seminars in the legal fields of intellectual property law and for preparing for the European Qualifying Examination (EQE).

Part of the training philosophy is also that translations are prepared by the candidates only in exceptional cases. Focus of the training shall be the work on own cases and the drafting of own texts.

The result of this philosophy is convincing: patent attorney candidates who received their candidate training at Maikowski & Ninnemann have, in the past, succeeded far above-average in both the German patent attorney examination and in the European Qualifying Examination. We are proud that exams of our candidates in the European Qualifying Examination have repeatedly been chosen as sample solution by the European Patent Office.

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