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Editorial von Dr. Fabian Sokolowski zu abstrakten Farbmarken, in WRP - Wettbewerb in Recht und Praxis, Februar 2016  Mehr lesen  19.01.2016


Maikowski & Ninnemann opens office in Leipzig

Since September 2012 Maikowski & Ninnemann has an office in Leipzig. The office - located in the historic houses of the Barthels Hof in the heart of Leipzig - is supervised by patent attorney Matthias Hoffmann, who has joined the team of Maikowski & Ninnemann in spring of 2012.  Read more  01.10.2012


Maikowski & Ninnemann is named Law Firm of the Year 2011 for Patent Law.  Read more  31.10.2011


Warning of payment requests through strangers

Recently, in numerous cases owners of protective rights have been contacted by apparently repectable firms with requests to pay fees in connection with applications and renewals of protective rights. In general, in such cases there is no obligation to pay.  Read more  11.02.2010

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