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Warning of payment requests through strangers with regard to intellectual property rights

Recently, in numerous cases owners of protective rights have been contacted by apparently respectable firms in at least partially misleading manner with requests to pay fees in connection with applications and renewals of protective rights. With such requests, under a seemingly official appearance, for example a publication or registration of protective rights into a non-official register or a renewal is offered subject to costs. These requests are not official and have no legal effect; there is no obligation for payment.

Please contact us if in doubt.

The German Patent and Trademark Office as well has  warned of such requests .

As the German Patent and Trademark Office points out, in particular the following companies are not connected to tasks and services of the German Patent and Trademark Office:

  • AGR Allgemeine Gewerbedatei e.K.,
  • Matic-Verlagsgesellschaft mbH,
  • WIG-Wirtschaftszentrale für Industrie und Gewerbe AG,
  • WIHH-Wirtschaftsinstitut für Industrie, Handel, Handwerk AG,
  • CPTD - Central Patent & Trademark Database,
  • European Trade marks and Designs,
  • FIPTR Federated Institute for Patent- & Trademark Registry,
  • I.B.F.T.P.R. International Bureau for Federated Trademark Patent Register,
  • I.B.I.P. International Bureau for Intellectual Property,
  • IOPTS International Organization for Patent & Trademark Service Corporation,
  • Register of Commerce - Markenregisterverzeichnis,
  • DPMV-Deutsche Patent- und Markenverlängerung GmbH,
  • DMV-Deutsche Markenverlängerungs GmbH,
  • European Trademark Organisation S.A.,
  • ECTO GmbH,
  • Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.,
  • Nationales Markenregister AG.

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